beware of falling objects


I live in Westchester County, NY.

With a husband and three small snicker doodles.

These are some buddies that like to sit with me while i work...


...this is Moxie.
He is a Pyrenean Shepherd,
also known as a Berger des Pyrenees,
a small French herding breed
that comes from the Pyrenees mountains in France.



BirdieAnd this is Puck.

Puck is a Pacific Parrotlet, the smallest breed of parrot in the world. His ancestors came from South and Central America. He's learned how to tell me, "Puck is a pretty birdy." And he flies after me when I leave my studio to get a cookie from downstairs.


When I'm not drawing, painting and taking pictures,
I like to run, read books, and bird watch.
Not necessarily in that order.
And preferably all at the same time.

And I like hanging out with the snicker doodles.

Here's one of them now...

Little Puddle Jumper

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